Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Finding ways to redecorate your home can breathe new life into it and make your surroundings unique. With the following simple touches, you’ll be able to blend together the hottest trends with your own tastes and personality.

1. Brainstorm

Before you begin any project, you want to brainstorm some ideas first. Look through books, visit the showroom of your local home improvement store and search online for designs and decorating ideas that will showcase your own individual style.

2. Colors and fabrics

Whether you’re going to redecorate the entire home or just a couple of rooms, you need to determine the style, colors and fabrics so your rooms will flow. Instead of painting an entire room, you can focus on a bold accent color on one wall to transform a simple room.

3. Sepia art

You can add class o your wall space with sepia art. Regular canvas wall hangings can make a statement, but you can add old world charm with painted sepia artwork or photographs. The timeless style goes with most interior décor and won’t become dated. This mode of photography was first introduced in the 1800′s and to this day evokes a nostalgic and earth-toned feel to the updated prints. You can even mix and match the vibrant colored prints with sepia photographs.

Redecorate Your Home4. Seat Cushions

If you’re limited on room space and can’t fit in a comfy chair and ottoman to your living room or den, oversized brilliant colored seat cushions are just as comfy and can increase the seating capacity of your room.

5. Plants and flowers

If you have an abundance of counter space or room corners needing an adornment, silk flowers and real plants can add a splash of greenery and color to any room.

6. Centerpiece

The ideal centerpiece on a coffee or dining room table can finish your room. A bowl filled with fake or real vegetables such as artichokes and greenery make a great accent piece. Ripened fruit such as lemons and oranges are also simple and chic.

7. Main focal point

Creating a main focal point to center a room around is inexpensive and can make a room appear spacious. Fine artwork, like a large sepia print on one wall or intricate furnishings are a couple of items that can jazz up a room.

8. Mix and match

When it comes to decorating, you no longer have to worry about creating a uniform environment. Mixing and matching dining room table settings and living room sets are the latest trend.

9. Refurbished furniture

You can redecorate your home with the furniture you already have. Antique armoires are just as stylish as new pieces of furniture. You can also paint and refinish any favorite pieces you may have.

10. Decorative Rugs

If you’re looking to add some color and pattern to your entryway or living space, decorative rugs are an inexpensive and easy way to decorate. Spring is a great time to change and freshen your home and it should represent your style and individuality. Redecorating with the above simple touches is a great way to let your personality shine through.


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