Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Ecstasy Dressing Table is really a specific piece of furniture that was built by Italian designer, Christina Celestina. The furnishings are a stylish piece, which is inspired by religious motives, yet removed of the catholic nature.

Elegant Dressing Table for Attic Can you ever take into account that this gorgeous stylish dress up table was created with the spiritual ideas? The Ecstasy dress up a table by Celestine is motivated by the Eucharistic sponsor, which becomes clear when you see the small information on the structure: The repeat of Eucharistic touch becomes repeat from the sponsor, removed of the spiritual benefit and applied as texture or used in oversize style decorated with electronic print.

Ecstasy Dressing TableThis decorating table contains h a bowl and pitcher, variety of circular mirrors along with a pouf with likewise wall. This structure may be reinterpreted on a lot of amounts, even so, do not require appears to be spiritual. The charming dressing table may be pure, abstracted in quantity and changed into an artistic ceremony.

The host’s form continued on areas produces texture while electronic images make use of DVDs as blank canvases. The personal body language becomes a romantic room for hedonistic satisfaction. The Ecstasy dressing table that was specifically designed for Italian company Attic is part of the FOODMADE selection, which may be displayed in Ventura Lamb rate region, in Pavilioned Italia, during Milan Design Week 2013.

The expiration would display 17 projects which are motivated by food, not for food. It really is fascinating to notice, how extensive the inspiration may go, if Celestine has selected the faith-based Eucharistic sponsor as food creativity. Food as organic material but additionally like an important thing from the inspiring and effective method.

An important component of individual life, gas to the mind, body engine, important organic material, completing a fundamental requirement and once again chance to conviviality, sharing, connection, a lot of us and our sociability requires the FOOD.

Christina Celestine, a new and hopeful designer, who managed to graduate in 2005 from IUAV in Venice, where she was listening to advise from the security of builder Massimo Camass. Next, she began to operate in his facilities in Florence. Since 2009, she’s employed by Seaway & Moronic style that is a Milan – dependent industrial office.


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