Wednesday, August 22, 2018

On a regular basis, we review forums and try and help answer questions regarding outdoor furniture, this week we picked up a thread from someone asking: “How do I remove black discoloration from my garden furniture? “This is a general problem which a lot of garden lovers have, you’ve spent time making your garden look nice, you have mown the lawn, seeded and sown your flowers and when it is time to starting asking guests to come round you take a look at your Garden furniture and it’s not quite how you remembered buying it.

This can cause a problem eventually making the furniture completely unusable and ending with added expense as you try and replace what was originally a good garden set. Prevention is better than cure There is a reason that retailers sell Garden furniture covers and yes it cost extra but in the long term, it’s definitely going to help you out.

Outdoor FurnitureIf you don’t want the expense of fitted covers there a cheaper option of purchasing a ground sheet or a one size fits all cover, it may not sit as neat as you would like but still fits the purpose. Hopefully when you have finished reading this article and fixed the stains then you will make sure you have purchased some covers to avoid this situation again.

Solutions: Well the thread we picked up and had a number of weird and wonderful ideas such as: Paint over it Soap PadsTurpentineTea BagPotatoEveryone has an idea or something which has worked for them; however, we polled all the votes in and added some of our own experience to get the best solution for your furniture.

40% Say Bleach is Best After reviewing the forum 40% of people found that bleach was the most useful product to get rid of the stains on wood furniture, we agree but here’s our step by step guide on what to do. Firstly, Hose the Furniture down, if you have a pressure washer that will make light work of it for you and may even do the trick all by itself. Next, its time to mix the solution,

we recommend:

One Cup of Household Bleach Quarter of a Cup of water soft cloth Now scrub the solution into the wood and do this until the bleach has completely covered the affected areas. Leave it for 15 minutes Now rinse again with the hosepipe or pressure washer.

If there are still some signs of the stain, then wait for it to dry (Leave it a day) Repeat the process. There are a few products that you could try instead of bleach such as ZEP, Jay’s Fluid and Lomax but the main key element in all these products is “Bleach”.

That’s All Folks That’s it now your furniture looks practically brand new and you can enjoy your garden again without any embarrassment when guest come round. Hopefully, your gardening efforts will have been worthwhile. Andrew Taylor is an avid garden enthusiast who works for Alesia and provides garden furniture cushions to the public. He writes for a number of blogs and other gardening publications.


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