Wednesday, August 22, 2018

To its owner, a home is almost like having an additional son or daughter. We go through arduous stages of planning and preparation, make sacrifices such as holding off on that new car or big screen television and work endless hours all for the sake of realizing the dream of having one.

Naturally, once we have it we want to keep it in good form. We want it to be pretty and in an acceptable condition, we want it to grow in value and we want to keep all negative things away from it so that it can be around for a very long time.


One of the things homeowners are enthusiastic about doing is remodeling or finishing their basements. This is always a great idea because it increases the value of the property. A lot of people opt for turning their basements into entertainment rooms where they set up a nice home theater systems along with video game consoles and add pool and Foosball tables for fun for the whole family.

Others opt for turning their basements into living areas that can be rented. In difficult economic times such as these last few years, having an additional source of income has meant the world, since a lot of people have lost their jobs and have been forced to start new careers from scratch, which requires time before reasonable money is once again being earned.

Remodeling one’s basement is a simple task. There are, however, numerous aspects of it which must be properly addressed in order for the finished job not to degrade over time. One of the major ones is waterproofing; it is quite easily the most important one. Basement waterproofing could mean the difference between an intact basement in thirty years and a water damaged one in as soon as the first thunderstorm comes through.

Waterproofing NJ basements, for example, is of the utmost importance since many areas of that state are prone to flooding. While not every state in the nation will have to worry about flood warnings, we all do have to worry about heavy rain and burst pipes; the latter is an occurrence which always happens by surprise. The last thing anyone wants is to feel as though their hard earned money has been flushed down the toilet.

Striking a balance between quality and affordable waterproofing is essential since one always seeks to get the best bang for our money. Also, it is very important for the homeowner to understand all aspects of remodeling their basements in order for them to make informed decisions as well as to make the best decisions based on their budget.

Understanding these aspects is also the difference between a job well done, and a poorly done one. As it happens some companies have poor service ratings and are not recommended. Needless to say, homeowners should thoroughly research all the companies in their area before making a choice.

The first step to take when waterproofing one’s basement is to address all cracks, leaks, and holes in all the walls. These can be caused by poor workmanship dating back to when the home was built. The settling of the structure can also be responsible for imperfections on the wall and water pressure built up outside can force the water through the walls.

 These must be fully repaired before any waterproofing compound is applied. Any water pressure built up outside the house can be corrected by inserting a pipe through the wall to relieve the pressure; this pipe is often temporary, however, there are cases when the pipe must remain in place to continually relieve water pressure. Said water is then drained away however convenient.

Once all walls are sealed the waterproofing mix can then be applied, before doing so, however, the walls must be completely clean. If they are painted then all the paint must be removed since numerous waterproofing mixes will not adhere to painted walls. Also, dirt, efflorescence, mold sealers and any other foreign materials are to be completely scraped off; then the walls should be vacuumed to ensure that no particles of any kind remain. Once the basement is watertight, one can embark on the adventure of transforming the area.

Whether it is remodeling, finishing or simply maintaining it, waterproofing one’s basement is an important aspect of owning a home; one which will add value to the property and ensure its ultimate endurance.


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