Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Solar panels used to be the big talking point of the country and admittedly, this wasn’t always for a good reason. Due to the generous incentives that were on offer, countless companies used to cold-call techniques to bombard householders into taking advantage of their solar panel products.

If you have noticed a reduction in these annoying calls, it’s really no surprise. Back in the day when these companies were constantly bothering you, the government had created an environment where it was especially easy for businesses involved in the industry to coin a profit. Unfortunately, from an energy-saving perspective at least, the government has reigned in such schemes and the number of companies offering a solar panel service has dropped significantly. Bearing this in mind, we’ll now take a look at what the situation was, what it is now and what you can do to take advantage of solar technology.

What’s the benefit of solar panels? While some people still think that solar panels are only suitable for ridiculously hot countries, this certainly isn’t the case and anybody that does have them installed on their roof is open to saving money in a couple of ways. You may have seen the energy-saving potential with smaller solar products such as the ones featured at and in simple terms, the size of the solar roof panels means that the savings are multiplied.

Solar PanelsFirstly, it’s possible to knock up to £180 off your energy bills by having them installed – with most sources suggesting that they cover 50% of a home’s electric. However, if you happen to own your solar panels, the big money arrives from feed-in tariff payments. This means that the government will pay for all of the solar power you produce which currently equates to around £550 per year.

What was the initial scheme that surrounded them? While the last sentence of the last paragraph may sound enticing, the situation was a whole lot better several years ago. The average home user to benefit from around £1,100 per year from the feed-in tariffs, only for the government to lower the payments back in 2010. Fortunately, if your home did have them installed before then they can still take advantage of the old tariff but for everyone else, the benefits have been slashed in half.

This reduction basically closed the free solar panel schemes that so many companies were running. In return for installing the panels on your roof, which can cost more than £6,000 in a lot of cases, they would take the feed-in payments. Therefore, when they were lowered, it simply wasn’t viable for them to continue their service.

What should homeowners do now? Bearing the above in mind, homeowners are in a tricky situation. It’s practically impossible to acquire the free solar panels for the reasons specified above. If you do have the available finance, it might still be a good idea to install them as you are guaranteeing yourself a steady income for the life of your home – as well as making clear savings from your energy bills.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a spare £6,000 or so lying around, your options are limited and even if you do find a supplier who is still providing the panels free – make sure you read all of the small print as it is very difficult for such companies to make a decent profit considering the change in tariff payments.


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